Saturday, October 02, 2010

Happy WCMD!

I hope everyone enjoys a fabulous World Card Making Day today!   I won't be celebrating by making cards today.   We moved a little while ago and I still haven't unpacked my stamping stuff.

What's finally gotten my creative juices flowing, you ask?  The wonderful classes I enjoyed, taught by the amazing Fred Mullett at delightful local store White Swan Rubber Stamps.  Everything about the classes was great... the material, the freedom Fred gave us to 'let go and create,' the other students, the hostess.  I was happily exhausted at the end of 2 four-hour classes.  I wanted to take the third class the following day, but I'm almost glad I didn't.  I slept the whole day!

The first class was called "Dancing Rubber Fish" and explored all sorts of wonderful embossing techniques.   There's a big craft consignment sale coming up, and I'm so glad I didn't part with any of my embossing powders!   But if I need a color that I simply don't have, I now know how to create my own colors with alcohol inks and Copic marker refills!  (See why I can't wait to unpack my craft room?)

This first fish is quite large -- the stamp is over 7" across!   It's called Big Pompano, and I couldn't help buying it!  We practiced embossing techniques, color theory, and watercoloring.   The middle fish is showing off a new color we learned:  brownge.

Then we were offered the chance to choose another of Fred's stamps that he brought, or to use a stamp that we brought.  I had a few of his stamps already, so I decided to try the technique on the much smaller Longnose Butterfly.

Yes, we did all that in one four-hour period!   My mind was on overdrive thinking of different stamp designs and how they would look using these new techniques we learned.  There's definitely a lot of embossing in my future.

I had originally planned to spend the afternoon at the Scrap & Stamp Fest at the fairgrounds to visit further with Nami (of DeNami Design) and Tanya, and to photograph the fabulous DeNami sample boards.  One of my classmates was on call, though, and had to leave before class 2 started.  She offered her seat to me!   I was sad that I missed stopping back at the DeNami booth, but I'm sure I'll see them again. 

Happy Stamping!