Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bright Fall Colors

One thing I got to see a lot of while traveling over the last 2 weeks is the gorgeous display of fall colors. Absolutely yummy yellows, brilliant reds, and simmering hot oranges. When I look at this wreath colored in yellows and greens, the fall leaves come to mind once again.

I'm sharing this wreath because I love how it turned out. I'm surprised by the 3-d effect of the coloring (for example with the blush on the yellow fruits) and how it was achieved without using any blending solution. It was all just layering colors -- and I completed the coloring of this image and a few others during class. It's not hard to imagine this image as a Christmas wreath with just a few changes in color. Oh, the possibilities!

My plan for now is to put my Gamsol and paper stumps away for a few weeks while I continue to play and practice Karen's coloring methods. Oh, yes, and find great complementary papers to make a card that will showcase but not overpower this pretty wreath.

Happy Stamping!


Shadowcatcher said...

Yummy! I want to know all the coloring secrets you picked up! The wreath looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool technique.....
Glad you shared it with us Hon.
Miss you.....hope to see you around the 24th.....I'll be back to the "real world" then.....LOL
Love and huggers dear one,