Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bit by Bit

I'm home from my trip and feeling a little under the weather. I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to sum up my trip in just one post... so there'll be a few.

First, if you're ever in the vicinity of a Copic Marker Certification Class or other Copic class offered by Marianne Walker, jump at the opportunity. The course was full of valuable information. And Marianne? Let me sum her up with one word: WOW. She's an amazing artist. She helped us all to relax and play and learn. Her enthusiasm for and knowledge of the product line make her the perfect (coining a new term here) Spokesteacher.

Next, I found a little goody at JoAnn's in Ontario, OR. That JoA
nn's is SO much bigger than the ones here in Boise. I have been to Ontario upwards of ten times for surgical procedures on Dad's hands... and we drove past the JoAnn's each time. We never went in because I haven't found anything to purchase at the local stores lately. Let's just say that I won't be just driving past the JoAnn's in Ontario anymore. In addition to the four stamp sets, four ink pads, bead packets and Bigz die I got... I found this little gem. It's a pack of 21 "Dangler Clips", found in the jewelry-making department and offered for $2.39 after the 40% discount. Look familiar? They're dead-ringers for the Clip-It-Up clips that retail for $7.

There is much more to tell. Until then... Happy Stamping!


Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Kim, glad you made it home ok. I sure am glad I sat next to you in the Copic class, you made it a lot of fun. I'm still thinking about getting a air compressor!! Nice blog, I think I'll have to get some of those cupcake boxes...toooo cute.

LoRi said...

Glad you had a great getaway!