Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Shaping Up to Be a Shiny Week!

This week's tidbits & goodies:

My good friend Lori Renn launched her very OWN LINE OF RUBBER STAMPS! I'm so completely excited for her... I'm having to fight the urge to add ninety exclamation points. The stamps are totally cute.

I'm hoping to hear from a certain SU Demonstrator and then find myself up to my elbows in the new catalog.

Oh, yes, and I have to make sure I answer the door when the mailman comes with my new Violet Cupcake stamp from Karen Lockhart. Can you imagine? Two of my very favorite things together. (So, all I need now is a pair of Birkenstocks with Swedish Fish depicted on them!)

Enjoy the rest of your week! Happy Stamping!


LoRi said...

You are so sweet!! Is Melissa going to send you some of my stamps to play with? She better! Going to try and visit you today or tomorrow!

Michelle ~ ~ said...

Hey girlie girl .... I am soooo glad to be back in the USofA!! I'll try to stop by too. I love love that Hi-Ho silver. When can we get together and play???? I have missed you!

My Paper Adventures said...

I bought 3 out of the 4 new colors! LOVE ME MY SHIMMERZ!!