Sunday, January 05, 2014

Simplicity With Washi Tape

I'm a big fan of washi tape.  In fact, I purchased a new storage system for my tapes today (thanks, Erica, for the idea!), which is much better than the plastic shoebox I was using.  It's a Christmas-time "Snapware" container.  It has 4 trays that snap together, and each tray holds three rows of washi tape.  So nice to be able to see my collection.  This container is on clearance at JoAnn's right now, making it under $10.  Very useful!  I have what I consider to be a large washi collection, and I've only filled the top two layers.  Well, and maybe part of a 3rd layer since I purchased a bunch today, also at JoAnn's.  They had two-packs for $1.79, and some really cute combinations.

Anyway, what really sparked my washi tape post today is this post over on Susan Raihala's blog:  What to Do with Washi, Part 3.   You see, I'm a follower of Susan's blog, and let out some sort of squeal/shriek thing when I saw my card (which was published in one of the magazines) called out as an example:
Susan really improved upon my one-layer example, and showed a cool way to trim down Washi tape that's too wide.  You'll be inspired by her post!

Happy Stamping!

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Lynn Stevens said...

Great idea Kim, now if I had more than 5 rolls of tape I might need one. LOL
hugs Lynn